About Deep-Think

 What is Deep-Think?
Deep-Think is your online resource for inspirational and personal development tips, giving you a right and positive attitude towards life. It is aimed at those interested in self improvement; personal value development, making impact and helping others achieve their goals. Just as the name implies, I give my articles some thought before posting so I don’t mislead you.

Who Started Deep-Think?
Hi, I’m Lanre Solarin and I’m the author of Deep-Think.org
Now the question is why did I start this blog? Sincerely speaking, or writing as the case may be, I’m a guy with lots of issues, but good ones. Being that I had a somewhat emotionally challenging childhood, life has taught me many lessons of which I had to stop being selfish about.
In 2008, I laid my hands on my first motivational book, Goals by Brian Tracy and this started my journey to achieving purpose and making impact. As you know, when a cup is full, it starts to spill over. It got to a time that I had read so much books that I got overwhelmed. That when and why I started Deep-Think.
Being a Melancholic and Choleric (see my post on temperaments), I consider my perspective of life as unique. With the talent of writing as an added advantage, Deep-Think is my overflow of past and present experiences as well as life lessons I’ve learned and still learn.
Who is Deep-Think for?
Well, for everyone, especially those searching for the balance between life, destiny and fulfillment. Having found mine, I see it as my duty to help others in my own LITTLE way. I implore you to do the same.
“To be blessed, you must first become a channel of blessing.”
I consider myself as a teacher by writing my posts and as a student by learning from you, my readers and followers who comment on my posts. So you see, I value your comments, no matter how little you write. You can meet some of my frequent comment posters and readers below:
Sandra Mcleod Humphrey
Most Recent:
Oluchi Ugwu

You can be on that list; all you have to do is comment. I’ll update this page from time to time.
I plan to start receiving guest posts on this blog, but that’s not any time soon. Start writing anyway, you could be my first guest blogger.
To your personal success,
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