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"You have the idea, I describe it in words."

When it comes to writing, I take your business as mine and give you the best. The market is full of copywriters, proofreaders and article writers who claim to provide you with the best but it’s tough to get the right combination of talent and work ethic.

Whether you need web content, a comprehensive presentation in words or just an article with the right combination of words; you need it done well, ready to publish and to start working for you NOW.

You’d need a writer who is professional, friendly and knows how to work. Does that sound right? Then let’s talk.

I leverage my unique mix of skills to provide individuals like you and companies like yours with content that makes your clients and readers take notice.

Below are some of the writing services I offer.

1.      Ghostwriting

If what you want are articles and/or quality reports written in your name by someone knowledgeable of the subject, then you’ve come to the right place. I allow your most polished voice to shine through by keeping your perspective intact and eliminating any errors of style, grammar and usage.

Through intense research and knowledge, the result will be nothing short of quality.

2.      Content Writing (Blog/Web)

When it comes to marketing, blogging is much more effective than most other marketing forms. If you don’t have a blog, this is an opportunity to start one.

The key to successful blogging is to provide quality content. This is only achievable if you have adequate knowledge about the subject of your blog. If you don’t, I’m here for you.

I’ve been blogging for some time now and my blog has evolved over time to what it has become today. If you need regular, uncompromised quality content for your blog, then contact me!

3.      Guest Blogging

Due to the way internet readers and search engines grade products and content, guest blogging has become the new way to sell yourself and your brand. With guest blogging, you can skyrocket your website traffic, the quality of website backlinks and your brand awareness to the extent that people start talking about you.

I also provide guest blogging services and I have written articles that have been published on other blogs. Whether you want to promote your services, need subscribers or just want those juicy, quality backlinks, my service will make you come back for more!

4.        eBook Writing Services

In order to be known as an expert in your field, all you need is an eBook.
You can use an ebook as a free report for email opt-ins, as part of a campaign, as a means of proving your vast knowledge in a field or as a source of passive income through sales.

If you need a quality ebook that will help your blog or marketing campaign, then you’ve come to the right place. I will not only write it but rebrand it for easy social media marketing. Just tell me what you want using the contact form below and we’ll talk.

5.       Other Services/Service Combination

If the service you need is not listed above and you feel I can provide it for you, then I’m all ears. Also, if you need two or more of the services listed above, then let’s talk because I’m up to the task!

As proof of the fact that I don’t joke with what I do, here is what a client has to say about me:

"Lanre is passionate about what he does: Writing. And his willingness to learn, while forging ahead with diligence makes him an ideal someone to work with."

- Vitalo Ogo-Ilechie

Contact me via the form below and we’re in business.

Ps. Even though I love to write, I’m still selective about those I work with. Please only contact me if you want nothing less than quality. If you are trying to manage on a low budget, then I’m not the guy you want. If you want value, then give value!