Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Special- Book Review

Power Purpose and Service

Spiritual growth in the right direction has economic and social growth as added extras; and these can grow to such a level that you will no longer be ignored, wherever you are and whatever you do. This Book from the first chapter: THE ASSIGNMENT; to the last: GRACE FOR EXPLOITS; explores the precepts of spiritual growth in union with your career and calling, be it in the ministry or in the market place, and brings out significant principles that makes you relevant to God and man.
These principles gives you a CORPORATE SPIRITUAL BRAND IDENTITY, helps you not to climb your ladder to the top on another man’s wall, you receive the approval of God, gives you personal fulfillment, and helps you to leave your footprints in the sand of time.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You Create Your Future (Part 3)

 "You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration"

-James Allen
 The Laws of Creation (Part 3)
We have finally come to the last part in this series. In part 2, I explained that no matter how confused you may be about what you want to create, a time will come when it'll all seem clear to you (Law of Illumination). You also got to know how critical it is to select the kind of people you interact with (Law of Environment) and how you must know when and when not to do certain things (Law of Times and Season) on the road to creating your future. To understand this last part, you should read the previous laws of creation if you haven't.

In this post, you'll get to know the final laws that led to the creation of the earth and how you can apply them in your life.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You Create Your Future

 "You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration"

-James Allen

The Laws of Creation (Part Two)
In my last post, I explained the importance of the 'how?' question and how it's related to forming the future you desire. I also introduced the laws of creation and explained the first three laws: The Law of The Source, The Law of Confusion and The Law of Meditation. If you missed out on that post, you can read part one of the series here.
I explained that you need to know where your vision is coming from (The Source), you need to think about the vision (Confusion) and you need to speak positively into your future (Meditation). Now, I'll be explaining the Laws of Illumination, Environment and Season.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You Create Your Future

"You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration"
-James Allen

The Laws of Creation

In my last post, 'Empower Your Vision with Skill', I talked about the importance of vision and applying what you know (skill) to what you have seen (vision) so you can get what you want (purpose) in a more refined way. But one important question is 'how?’

Whatever knowledge you have most times determines what you do when faced with challenges. It then depends on how you apply it, your skill that determines if you come out 'alive'.

Like the 'why' question, 'how' is also one question that requires principled answers. It's just like a kid asking you how to fish. Telling this kid the way to hold the hook and swing it won't answer the question. But giving him answers like the kind of bait to use, the time of the day to fish and the part of the river to fish from would make things a lot easier. The same thing goes when you're faced with the question of how to achieve your vision. You need to know the principles, the laws governing the whole process so you know what to do when you ought to do it.

This post is simply a product of a seminar I attended recently and in the next few sentences, I'll be sharing with you what's called the Laws of Creation.
You would agree with me that this world we live in didn't just emerge out of thin air. It was 'created' through vision, for a purpose by someone who knew He had the power to create it, just like we have the power to create our own world. Let's see a few laws on which this world was created.

1. The Law of the Source
The question here is who are you and where is your vision coming from? Is your vision as a result of your mind playing games on you or is it from a much higher power, a realm beyond your control? You really need to know the source of your vision so that you can decide if it's worth the investment. God had a vision of the earth He wanted to create and it was definitely from no other higher source other than Him.

2. The Law of Confusion

Sounds strange right? "And the earth was without form and void" (Gen 1:2). According to the Oxford Dictionary, void means 'completely lacking something'. Without form simply means not having any particular shape or arrangement. Whenever I feel that something is missing in anything I find myself doing, I can go haywire trying to find out the problem. What does this mean? You're bound to be confused when that vision first arrives. The question, ‘where do I start?’ fills your mind and you start wondering whether you're on the right track. Regardless of how confused the beginning appeared to be, God made something out of it. You'll do the same.

3. The Law of Meditation.
"And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." (Gen 1:2). This is just like strolling a few blocks to 'get some air' or to 'do some thinking'. I do this sometimes and it does help clear out all that confusion. What this really means is Think. Arrange all those broken pieces of thought and make a decision.
After thought comes action. "And God said..." (Gen 1:3)
Talk positively to the future you're about to create. This is called 'positive affirmation'. The world was created first with words, so start with that.

I'll be dividing these laws into parts (series) so you don't get overwhelmed all at once. In the next post, you'll get to know the next three laws (i.e. The Laws of Illumination, Environment and Season).

Creation may be based on laws but is everything in life based on established laws or principles? I'd love to hear what you think.

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This is just my way of saying, 'Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year in advance!’ Enjoy the season!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


"Be sure that as you scramble up the ladder of success, it is leaning against the right building"
-Stephen Covey
 Over time, I've heard some really interesting ways of how people discovered their purpose and how they ended up achieving it as if by magic. One thing I got to discover was that when you know the purpose for which you were created, your life seems to be 'engineered' in that particular direction. Out of these stories, there's one I really like which I would share with you. Sometimes we feel we know what is good for us not knowing that there's a higher power that knows better.

A young man once asked God to reveal to him what he would be in future. After constant prayers, God finally gave him a revelation. In his dream, he saw himself washing clothes. Being that the job of a 'washer man' is not considered a 'noble profession', he rejected the vision and prayed again. The following day, he dreamed again but this time, he was ironing the clothes he washed the previous day. That was the last time he prayed for purpose.
He went on to study Electrical engineering in the University and was really good at repairing machines. Sometime after graduation, a friend realized how skillful he was and gave him a few 'damaged' appliances to repair, one of which was a machine used for cleaning carpets. This young man repaired it fast and decided to sell it, but buyers were not forthcoming. Instead of dumping the machine, his business acumen awoke on his inside and he started a 'DRY CLEANING' business. All he had to do was get more damaged machines from his friend, repair them and use them in his business. Today, he not only washes clothes but suits, carpets, upholstery and more. Oh, and he's rich too.  

The reason why many of us who know our purpose tend not to appreciate it is because we can't see the future in it. Most of the time, visions and revelations are given to us raw; it's left to us to refine it.

One of the best ways to add value to what you do is to become someone of value. The young man in that story didn't want to bring himself down to the level he saw in the dream. Instead, by developing himself and learning something new, he unknowingly brought the purpose up to his level. Not everyone is lucky to discover purpose through dreams or visions but one thing is certain- we all have a purpose for which we're here on earth. It's up to you to determine how you achieve it. You create your own future, so start modeling it now so it becomes a MASTERPIECE later.

How did you discover your purpose? Was it through a vision, reading a book or just interacting with friends? Are there any steps you know in living a fulfilled life? Your comments are welcome.
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Monday, October 31, 2011

What's Your Default Setting?

"Belief creates the actual fact. The greatest revolution of my generation is the discovery that individuals, by changing their inner attitudes of mind, can change the outer aspects of their lives."
- Anonymous

There are various ways to find out exactly the kind of person you are or the kind of people you deal with. One of the easiest ways is to know your immediate reaction to situations. It's just like carrying out a study on malaria symptoms. In order to know how a patient would react to the malaria disease, he must be a malaria patient first. You don't know how you would react to particular situations until you're in one yourself.

Like phones and many other electronic gadgets, we as humans also have a 'default setting'. This simply means that action we take or that attitude we go back to whenever we're faced with challenging situations. It's usually the first thing that comes to our mind to do even before the option of a second thought becomes visible.

Our reaction to situations is often influenced by our emotional and mental states. Our actions are sometimes so reflex that over time, they become a part of us without our knowledge. It's at this point that such actions become our default actions when faced with similar situations.

Understanding ourselves better is really important, especially if success in life, business and relationships is our main goal. It helps us know which emotions to suppress and which ones to build. Living a life governed by negative emotions only makes us do actions which we would only regret later.
Listed below are a few situations which we, at one time have found ourselves in.

1. When faced with a challenge, do you see it as outside your scope, or as an opportunity to learn something new? Seeing it as outside your scope only means that you're saying, 'I can't do it'.

2. When you're offended, do you DESTROY or do you chill out and think? When I say 'destroy', I don't really mean the things around you but that relationship you have with your 'offender'. This used to be my default action until I realized that I had broken more relationships than I had at the time.

3. When you fail, do you give up and stay down or do you try to get back up? Giving up makes you a quitter and in the future, you'll end up blaming others for your failure, forgetting that you're the major cause. This is one of the major 'symptoms' of negative emotions- refusing to accept responsibility.

These are just a few of the many circumstances that help us define and restructure our attitudes.
If you realize that keeping or restoring default settings would only make things worse, then activate the new ones. You'll be better that way.

Do you think it's possible to completely change your default setting? What default action do you regret and how did you rid yourself of it? I'd love to hear your comments.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Think, Attract and Become

"The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to belief that it is possible."
-Richard Devos

Do you know that you can actually become what you don't want to be? No matter how strange it sounds, it's true. In my post; why you don't get what you want, I gave a few reasons why most of us get disappointed and how hard it is to let go of such. It's not just about thinking, but having the thought about what you want at the top of your mind. It's good to live by the day, but don't let nature do all the thinking for you.

To most of us, the terms 'luck' and 'coincidence' are not new. "You're either lucky or you're not" - how true is this? I've often wondered whether these terms exist or they were just given these names because we as humans don't know how they occur.

Everything that happens to you is as a result of your thinking and your state of mind. Most of us would know the saying, "luck is when preparation meets opportunity." When you get that thing you've always wanted, would you say you were lucky getting it or that you deserved it?

There's something I heard over the radio recently which I would share with you in this post. It sounded strange at first and I felt like giving the presenter a piece of my mind. But on second thought, it was true. It completely shows that nothing happens by chance.

Whenever we think of something over a period of time, that thought becomes predominant in our minds. In the physical, it appears as if nothing happens but in the 'other realm', a process starts. That thought becomes like an attractive light and it does only one thing- it looks for ways to satisfy its host who in this case is you.

This is just like the superconscious mind acting on what you have in your subconscious mind. That concept simply means two things;

1. The more you think about something, the more you give that attractive light something to look for. This in turn gives that light more eagerness to find it. Sometimes when I think of someone whom I haven't contacted for some time, it so happens that in a matter of minutes or hours he's standing in front of me and we're shaking hands. I'm sure this occurrence isn't new to you too.

2. You can either think your way to success or failure. The more I think about how bad I am at something, the worse I get. This is often caused by the presence of negative emotions. By thinking more about how good you can be rather than how bad you are, you give that attractive force something positive to look for.

You may not have a business to call your own, but you do know that you are the CEO of the only MULTIDIMENSIONAL company, which is your mind. You either lead it on the path of fulfilment or destruction. If you can think it, you can be it. Just make sure it's strong enough.

What do you think about chance? Do you believe that thinking is enough to achieve success? Your comments are welcome.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You Need A Drive

"I will always prepare so that when my time comes, I will be ready."
-Abraham Lincoln.

According to Physics, a body remains in a state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by a force. That is a law that has been in existence for quite a while now and it's straightforward too. When you stand on a spot and are pushed, you no longer stay on that spot but move a step forward or backward.

I've always regarded that quote by Abe Lincoln as a powerful one. The strange thing is that I had seen the quote countless number of times but I didn't value it until I needed it. A year before I went to the University, I was what you would regard as 'premature'. I didn't know my left from my right and had no idea what I wanted out of life.

Watching my mates go to school while I stayed at home for that whole year was really discouraging but I later realized that it was worth it. It was at this time that I sat down and did a lot of self-examination. I needed a lot of things to take along to the next level and one of them was a drive. That's when that quote above became a really good friend. It applies to everything in life like relationships, death, career, marriage, wealth acquisition, business, academics and so much more. It talks about one thing, which is preparation and it has totally become a part of my life.

Choosing a drive can be tricky, especially if you don't know where you're headed in life. It's just like a cab driver asking for your destination and you say, 'anywhere'. He's not going to waste his fuel on you.

Knowing where you're going would help you choose the right vehicle, be it a car, minivan, chopper or jet. From experience, a drive should be chosen on the following two criteria.

1. It must be internal.
Choosing your spouse, girlfriend or money as your drive would only bring you back to square one in the end. Why? Well, they won't be there forever. They’ll leave you one day and then what happens? You start searching for another one. The good thing about internal drives is that they stay with you until you die or you no longer have use for them. They are not influenced by external occurrences but by your final destination.

2. They should be derived from something you love or enjoy doing.
I found this quote from a book. Reading is a part of me and I'm never compelled or forced to do it. It's just like being inspired or getting a feeling of satisfaction whenever you play the guitar or piano. Having a drive to help others achieve this same feeling would make the route to your destination simple.

It's never too late to get a driving force. The most important thing is getting one and using it's instructions to guide you. Whichever one you chose, just make sure that you're ready to abide by its code of conduct. Feel free to use mine if you wish.

Do you have a drive? What other ways do you think a drive can be acquired? Let's hear your thoughts, your comments are welcome.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

What Should I Do With This Baby?

Hey, guess what? I'm PREGNANT, and with lots of babies too! There's something I heard and learnt recently. Do you know that whenever a woman is pregnant, lots of things happen which are beyond normal human understanding? I didn't know this and I bet you didn't either. Read the following concept to know what I'm talking about.

During the early stages of conception, the development of the baby begins. It's at this point that something very important is needed by this baby. It will need a SOUL. It so happens that all souls have been created since the beginning of time. Whenever the baby needs the breath of life to start its human activities like breathing, it attracts a soul from the 'other realm'. The kind of soul it attracts is dependent on various factors like the kind of environment the baby is in, the mentality and character of the mother and the people around and most importantly, the spiritual standing of the parents.

I guess this is the reason most people find it hard to break away from the mentalities of their parents. This concept simply means two things; as an expectant mother, you've got to work on yourself and be careful about whom you move with.    

At one time or the other, we find ourselves pregnant with babies or ideas as the case may be. Most times, the idea is conceived but being delivered of it is not always the case. This is not always our intention but whenever it happens, we ask ourselves 'why?' The idea was so good, what could have possibly gone wrong? A lot of forces come to play here and it's our duty to protect this innocent idea from such. How?

1. Work on yourself.
Sometimes, we have ideas that are way beyond our abilities to achieve, or so we think. Once, in secondary school, I had an idea that could change the way students related to the school head but I had to be the student head before I could implement it. At the time, it was beyond my ability. I got that position eventually, but I had to do a lot of self reforming to achieve this. If achieving this idea is what you want, then you've got to work on yourself while incubating the idea. If you have to read more, go on a diet or travel, do it. As long as it's in line with your idea.

2. Don't share it with just anyone.
Influence has a big role to play when it comes to bringing your ideas into reality. Telling the wrong person could terminate it. Associating with like-minded people who could be instrumental to its success would help your new 'baby' attract the right soul. In case you don't know, people are watching you and like it or not, some are out to see you cry. Do yourself a favour and wait till it's born before you go blabbing all about it.

You can't hide an idea forever because just like pregnancy, it'll show. It's the early stages and foundation that matter. So, whenever you don't know what to do with your new 'baby', just use this tip: guard it with your LIFE!

Why do you think lots of good ideas don't get implemented?  There are lots of reasons. Your comments are most welcome.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

How High Can You Fly?

The human mentality is one aspect that we can't stop talking about. I guess this is because it is one of the major determinants of what we make of our existence. It influences the way we think, our perspective of life and the way we prepare ourselves for the future.

A lot of us see breaking forth as the act of forgetting the past and focusing on the new. But do we fully break forth immediately that first transformation is made? I saw the following butterfly concept in a blog post by Alexis explaining the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

"The butterfly most certainly does not still think like a caterpillar.  I have not once seen a butterfly crawling on the ground or in trees.  The only time I’ve seen them landed is when they are perched on flowers or plants for nourishment.
The majority of a butterfly’s existence is the opposite of the caterpillar.  They have a completely different point of view because their scope is much broader.  They are no longer focused on their immediate surroundings, only looking at the details of the ground and the branches that they climb on.  Instead, they are able to take in the infinite possibilities of their interesting, beautiful, and ever-changing environment at their whim."

After reading that, can you answer this question; 'Is it possible for a butterfly to be afraid of heights?' Sounds crazy right? It's already in the air, so how can it have a phobia for heights? This is where mentality comes in.

From that concept, you can see that the caterpillar's scope is much limited than that of the butterfly. Just as the butterfly won't hop on the ground or on trees, it also might not reach full potential in flight. I've seen butterflies that fly low to the ground when they just start out. The butterfly has been used to the caterpillar's scope so it digests its new found potential little by little.

Whenever we experience a breakthrough, everyone sees it. But unlike the butterfly, not many of us fully digest our new found potential. When this happens, using it maximally becomes impossible. The physical and mental transformation occurs but we still don't see the endless possibilities of this new gift. So we settle for less without even knowing it.

When the butterfly asks itself, 'What if I fly higher?’ it tries it and its scope widens. Curiosity and adventure opens doors we didn't know were there. The more you look for various ways to do something or solve a problem, your scope increases. The flowers at the top of the tallest trees become easy to nourish from. You surpass your peers and aim higher, thereby getting better results. You suddenly become the know-it-all and do-it-all without even trying.  

The more challenges you face at higher levels in life, the easier it gets to overcome them. This is the reason why it is always important to learn from mistakes and situations every day. Only then can your question change from, 'Can I do that?' to 'Did I do all that?' Well, of course you did it, there is nobody like YOU! 

To understand more about the butterfly concept, you can read Alexis' post on Finding Hope Within. By the way, she's my newest teacher. So you see, I'm still learning, are you?

Why do you think most people fail to fully realize and utilize our potential? There are various reasons; this is just one of them. Your comments are welcome.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Unemployed? What's Your Excuse?

   “When most people leave school, they leave confused and stupid.”
-Robert Kiyosaki.
When I saw this tweet on my twitter page, it sounded kind of insulting. After reading it over a few times, its real meaning came to me. But guess what? That "insulting tweet" is the reason I wrote this article.

Just in case you don't know, Robert Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur and author of the RICH DAD series. He's my mentor in the aspect of the human mentality and financial intelligence and I've read almost all his books.

Why did this tweet sound insulting? Well, I guess it's because I'm still an undergraduate but I'm pretty sure that I don't fall in this category. The truth of the matter is that some people do belong in this category and it's not just undergrads.

It is true that unemployment is an issue in most countries, especially the developing ones. Millions of college students leave school every year only to join the millions already out there. They obediently join the queue and the "wait for the job" syndrome flows down to them. Getting a job is not bad but waiting for the job to come to you is just not the best. That job you're waiting for is going to get to other people on the same queue before it gets to you. If the job eventually gets to you, what do you do? Do you let it also pass you by or do you counter it and make your position its dead end?

That tweet only becomes true when you don't do your part in securing that dream job. One thing I've come to realize is that no matter how high the level of unemployment is in any country, some guys just seem to have it going good for them. Within one year of graduation, they get jobs and steadily climb their way up the corporate ladder.
The important question to ask here is, 'how do they do it?' There must be something they know which the others don't. Sometimes it's not about having the right contacts or being impressive in an interview. Most times, it's about you. Does that sound strange? Well, it shouldn't. Let's see a few ways you can make those jobs come your way.

1. Become Employable.
From my part of the world, most people go to school with the mentality of getting good grades and then getting a job. Robert Kiyosaki calls this the "poor man's mentality". What they don't realize is that those grades are just not enough. Graduating with a distinction doesn't make you the only one with it. Millions of others have that same grade too. In a situation like this, the only thing that can stand you out is that extra thing that you know. Most companies today don't hire based on grades but on productivity. You'll need to learn something extra within your field if you want to make any headway. This will be a very good form of leverage, especially if your fellow interviewee only has school grades.

2. Look in The Right Places.
"The elevator to success is out of service, but the stairs are always open."
-Zig Ziglar
So many people want to get to the top of the stairs without climbing it. With our little qualifications, we target high positions and then blame the government when we don't get what we want. To dream big, you have to start small. This doesn't mean going for the lowest positions in a company but working on yourself before launching out. A lot of people leave school prematurely without even knowing it.
Looking for a job in a promising startup isn't such a bad idea. This will definitely assist you in gaining the experience you need for those high positions. Sometimes, working in small businesses are the best first steps you can make.

3. Be Your Own Boss
You can help reduce the level of unemployment by creating jobs for yourself and others. You could be that small start-up that a job seeker could gain experience with. The best way to do this is to have the ability to spot opportunities. You really don't need to join the millions of jobless people out there who just talk about their problems. Look around you for something that needs to be done and be the solution. By doing this, you'll be helping lots of people out there and you know what; you'll be happy doing it too.

Do you know better ways to reduce unemployment and make people realize that they create their own future?
Share your views and let others learn from you. Your comments are welcome.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Are Better Than You Think

Most times, the cause of most of our problems in life is what we say to ourselves and not what others say or do to us. Not many of us know this and so we blame our misfortunes and disappointments on others instead of taking full responsibility. But the question is, "what makes us say things that limit us in almost every aspect of our lives?" The answer isn't far fetched.

Do you know that your self worth is determined by the beliefs, attitudes, opinions and feelings you have about yourself? The moment you realize this and take advantage of it, you'll have complete control over yourself and the world you've created. But how can you make your beliefs work for you? All you have to do is take control of your mind. That sounds pretty simple, right? Well, yes it is simple but I didn't say it's easy. Your beliefs are limited to your state of mind and your perspective of life. You can't tell a mad man that tomorrow, he's going to head a huge business empire. He'll think that you're the mad one and probably tell you to see a doctor.

Before you can change your beliefs, you have to find that reason why you think the way you do.
You do know that before you can find something, you've got to know exactly what it is you're looking for. According to research and experience, one of the main causes of our problems in life is believing and saying that we're not good enough. This feeling of inferiority is one of the most dangerous causes of failure and disappointment. Trust me; I know what I'm talking about. For a long time in my younger years, I was burdened with this feeling of inferiority. I didn't even know what it was then. Well, maybe I did but didn't know what to call it. A few so-called friends knew this and took advantage of me, in a negative way of course. I've forgiven them anyway because they helped me realize this flaw in me and I started working towards correcting it. Now, I won't say I’m completely 'cured' because I still see the scars but I have power over it. That to me is the most important thing, having power over any circumstance or challenge and not letting it overcome you.

This just shows that the way you think and feel about yourself can be completely changed. All you have to do is know its cause, find it and work on it. As I said, it's not easy. It'll take more than just a few hours of self examination to discover it. You'll need to have an open mind and learn from every mistake you make.
A word of caution here; Just because you occupy a high position or are successful in business doesn't exclude you from feeling this way about yourself. I was in a coveted position but still had issues. This means that you can be higher and better than you are now by getting rid of this feeling. 

I'll round off with this word from Richard Devos; "The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible."

What's been your most limiting belief in life and how did you overcome it? If you gained from this post, please leave a comment and get a free download from the 'free eBooks 4 u' page.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Your Personality- Is It Good For Business?

We all have personality traits unique to us. By the end of this article, you'll get to know how you can use your personality and those around you for your business success.

We are all different and have qualities unique to us. In case you don't know, there are ten personalities, each having their own qualities. Four of these include the Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. The combination of these, which I call the 'Personality Mix’, makes ten. Some of these temperaments have some qualities which are so not good, especially if you want to start your own business. So how can you use your qualities and employ those you don't have for your business success?
In a previous article, I gave a list of some of the positive and negative qualities of these traits. Now, I'll be relating these traits to business so you'll know the kind of partners and employees you should have.

1. The Sanguine
People with this personality are cheerful, playful and creative. A CEO who is a pure Sanguine would be creative but could be unserious some times. Without thinking, he could tell his employees to do things or carry out any idea that comes to mind. If you're such a person, you'll need someone to analyze your sometimes crazy ideas and another to caution you when you play too much. A Melancholic is known for careful thinking and analysis. Making such a person a partner or team leader would make you look less stupid to your employees. A Choleric is like a Sanguine but is very good at giving out instructions and getting the job done. Your business is sure to get more fruitful with this guy around.

2. The Choleric
This is the goal-getting, no-nonsense personality. Someone with this personality is sure to have a productive business but a not so-good relationship with the employees. Not everyone likes a 'bossy boss'. Having a Phlegmatic partner or team leader is sure to create a cool and calm atmosphere while a Sanguine juices it up with creativity and life.

3. The Melancholic
This personality does a lot of thinking before taking action. When I say thinking, I mean a lot of it. What's the use of thinking a lot and acting little, you'll practically get nowhere. If you have such a personality trait, a Choleric as a partner will push you as a business owner to take more action. Also a partner or team leader with a Phlegmatic personality will help you know what needs to be analyzed and what should be discarded. You don't have to think about everything, you know?

4. The Phlegmatic
A person with this personality will make a good business owner but would need some backup. Your nonchalant attitude towards things could be an asset or a weakness, depending on the situation. Being that you might not take some important things seriously, you'll need someone with a Melancholic personality to help you with your to-do list. You'll also need an action figure, but be careful. Someone with a Choleric personality might overshadow you and end up gaining your reserved respect from your employees. I'm sure you don't want that, do you?

If your business is on a low budget, you could just get someone with the personality mix that you require and you're good to go.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How To Build Difficult Relationships

We all have people whom we love and those with whom we have nothing to do with. But do you know that it's possible to still have your enemies on your side. Find out how in this article.

Relationship building is one of the many things essential for personal and business success. It is seen as connecting with people who share your values, beliefs, class and so on. But tell me what happens when that one person who can boost you to success happens to be your complete opposite. He contradicts everything you stand for and worst of all, he doesn't like you. Would you then say, "Well, since we have nothing in common, I'll make do without him." Sometimes, this is the best thing to say and at other times, it's not. With the simple techniques I'm about to tell you, you can build effective relationships with almost anyone and everyone.

1. Study Your Target
By saying study, I don't mean spy. I simply mean observe your target's actions and behaviours. In order to observe, you need to provide answers to the what, why and how questions like; What's his personality makeup? How does he interact with partners and employees? What kind of task does he regard as perfectly done? What makes him feel important? What kind of people does he have relationships with? What makes him say yes or go ahead to tasks and ideas? The questions are endless. Your study has got to be thorough, especially if your target is a difficult person.

2. Play The Pet
When your pet wants something from you, does it use its canines or animal strength to make you give in? It dares not. It simply wines because it knows you'll definitely fall for it. This is one method you should adopt. If you carry out your study well, you'll get to know what makes your target tick. Forget about all the assets or relationships you have and just make him feel important. Just as you give your pet what it wants, you'll definitely get that relationship you want.

3. Offer a Service
In my younger years in school, I never really fought to defend myself because I didn't know how to. Infact, with the number of bullies I had as friends, I didn't need to. Some of the things I did in return was to help them with studies because I happened to be one of the Brainiacs in the class. They neither compelled me to do this nor did we enter any protection agreement. I just did it and I got what I wanted. Go out of your way and do something that you know your target will appreciate.

4. Keep Your Head in The Game
Don't forget the primary reason you why you are into the relationship. The moment you lose focus, you lose your power to your target. Make him realize (indirectly) that you're in control and the moment you leave, you're taking all the goodies with you.

Building relationships is all about creating value exchanges. Give all you can but don't forget to receive. That way, the relationship becomes profitable and worthwhile.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Negative Emotions

As I said before, negative emotions should be your greatest enemies if your goal is to be successful and happy. By now, you know the causes of negative emotions and how to get rid of them. If you don't, you can read the article here. Do you know that the last cause that I'm about to mention now is one that each one of us has been guilty of at one time or the other?

The last cause of negative emotions is one of the greatest super villains of all time. Why do I say this? It avoids you from taking critical decisions and traps you so that it's hard to get free. This worst cause is the act of blaming other people for our problems. I wonder if it's possible to entirely stop blaming because I still find myself in the act sometimes. Getting rid of it might not be easy but it can be suppressed to a level where it has no power over you. Blaming others is so bad that even when you're fifty, you can still keep blaming your parents for things they did or did not do for you.

Luckily for us, this can be stopped by accepting responsibility for your actions and circumstances. You are where you are because of you and not someone else. The moment you realize that no one else is responsible, you automatically take charge. All the other three causes can be stopped and you can take control by simply accepting complete responsibility for your life.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

How To Get Rid Of Negative Emotions

Negative emotions and success don't belong on the same team. In this post, you'll get to know the negative emotions and how to erase them so that your goal can be a success.

The reason why you do what you do now is because at the end, you want to be successful and happy. But do you have the right state of mind to achieve this? If success and happiness are your ultimate goals, then negative emotions should be your greatest enemies. Negative emotions hold you down and remove all the joy that was once present in your life.

To be truly happy and successful, your most important goal should be to free yourself from these emotions. I must tell you, it's not easy but it's possible if you learn how.
The negative emotions of fear, jealousy, hatred, revenge, greed, superstition and anger don't just occur on their own. They are caused by four factors, some of which most of us are guilty of. These emotions stop the moment you eliminate these four factors. Let's see a few of these factors.

1. Rationalizing and Making Excuses
This is simply defending an unacceptable action with an acceptable explanation. It's like trying to make an ugly duckling look like a swan. You create an explanation that sounds good even when your action was the direct opposite. This act keeps your negative emotions alive. The antidote for this factor is to refuse to rationalize and stop making excuses for your actions.

2. Oversensitivity
You'll realize that almost everything you do is to earn the respect of others or to avoid losing their respect. As a result of this, you end up being too concerned about the way people treat you. For some, their whole self-image is determined by the way other people interact with them. They base their value and self-worth on the opinions of others. If those opinions are negative, the negative emotions come into action. Whenever you begin to feel inferior or depressed, realize that this is the cause and learn to rise above the opinions of others about you. Start developing your own personal value and self image.

3. Justifying Your Feelings
Justifying that you are entitled to feel a particular way can make you negative. For example, you get failed for a test which you put a lot of effort into. Thereafter, you become angry with the examiner and you justify your anger by describing all the reasons why you shouldn't have failed. You even go as far as taking the matter up with higher authorities. As long as you do this, your negative emotions take control of you. The moment you say, "Well, I've failed this test but I'm not the first one to fail it. I'd better start preparing so I can pass the next one," your emotions disappear and are replaced with positive emotions that keep you focused on the goal. You become more effective once you stop justifying.

From now on, refuse to justify your actions or make excuses. Apologizing for a mistake makes things a whole lot better. Every time you blame someone or rationalize, you trigger negative emotions which don't affect the other person but you. You give that person power over your emotions, leaving you angry inside. If success is still your goal and this is not what you want, then I guess the answer is quite simple. Just don't do it. 

In my next post, you'll get to know the best way to get rid of negative emotions.

How else do you think we can get rid of negative emotions? I'd like to hear your views in the comments.
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why You Don't Get What You Want

We all want things in life, but why don't we always get what we want? By the end of this post, you'll get to know the reasons why you don't get what you wish for?
Imagine if all you had to do to get what you want was to think about it by using your mind. The mind is the greatest tool ever known to mankind. It has the power to create almost every aspect of your life. Everything in your life or around you started as a thought, a dream or a want in your mind or that of someone else. This is what shapes and develops your world and everything that happens to you. You might be asking yourself now that, 'If the mind is so powerful, then why doesn't it just give me what I want?' Your mind only has such power if you give it the right food. Let's see a few ways in which you limit the power of your mind.

1. You Think About What You Don't Want.
Talking about your problems and worries most of the time puts your mind on a vacation. If you want a promotion and you keep looking for reasons why you don't like your job, you could end up getting fired. Fulfill your end of the deal and think about what you want. Your mind will do its part.

2.  You Don't Think About How To Get What You Want.
It's not enough to just think about what you want. The next step should be to plan how to convert that want into reality. This simply means that you must get in the habit of setting goals. Deciding upon your goals clears doubt and gives you focus. Setting goals helps you move a step further towards achieving your desire. But not many people have clear, written goals that they work toward each day. Do you? Here are four reasons why people don't set goals.
- They don't know how to set goals.
Many people think they have goals, meanwhile what they have are just wishes or dreams. Unlike wishes, a goal is clear, written, specific and measurable. It's a written, step-by-step plan with which you achieve that dream.
-They think goal-setting isn't important.
People don't realize the importance of goal setting. Perhaps this is because of the environment they grew up in or the kind of friends they kept. The ability to set and achieve goals has more effect on your life than any other skill you may acquire.
- They don't want rejection.
People are afraid that if they set a goal which they eventually don't achieve, they will be ridiculed. One important rule in goal setting is to keep it to yourself, well at least the most important part. Don't tell anyone in advance. Accomplish it first, and then let them see it.
- They are afraid of failure.
Everyone experiences failure from time to time. It's hurtful and distressing whenever we fail but that doesn't mean holding your goals at ransom just because of the fear of failure. If you do this, you'll end up going through life functioning below expectation.

Life doesn't care about the size of your goals. If you set little goals, your mind will help you achieve little goals. If you set high goals, you will automatically achieve high goals. The size and magnitude of the goals you choose to think about most of the time are entirely up to you. Your mind is your greatest tool, so use it.

Personality Mix- Know Your Combination

I guess by now you must know the four major temperaments and the category you belong. If you don't, you can read my post on the four major temperaments.
If you read the post, you might have questions like, "I know my personality, but I have qualities of another temperament . What does this mean?" Well, it's possible to have a combination of two temperaments. I call this the 'Personality Mix'. Below are the 6 combinations a human could possibly have. Having all four temperaments will make you a freak though.

5. The Sanguine and Melancholic
You remember that the Sanguine is the playful and cheerful personality, full of colour and creativity. The Melancholic on the other hand is the guy who prefers to think and study than play. He's the boring guy that doesn't demand attention. Then how is it possible for a guy to be both cheerful and boring? Simple. The combinations come in different proportions. You could either have more qualities of a Sanguine than a Melancholic (SanMel) or more of a Melancholic than a Sanguine (MelSan). A SanMel could be an analyst but would know when to think and when to talk or play. A MelSan would be more of a thinker but would know how to make you smile when you cry (remember, Sanguines are good sympathizers).

6. The Sanguine and Phlegmatic
Remember the Phlegmatic is the cool, calm, easygoing and patient guy. People with this combo have got the charm and appeal of a casanova, regardless of the proportions of the temperaments. They sure know how to party and can be unserious sometimes.

7. The Choleric and Melancholic
Remember the Choleric is the strong willed, goal oriented personality. If you have more qualities of the Choleric than the Melancholic (ChorMel), you'd make a good activist. They back up thinking with go-getting and so always do a good job. They might hurt people in the process, but their main focus is the end result, so they don't care. Those with more Melancholic qualities (MelChor) also get the job done but with caution. Unlike the ChorMel, they care how others feel when they carry out some actions. Also they always look serious and only show emotion when the situation demands it.

8. The Choleric and Phlegmatic
These guys know when to play and when to throw commands. No matter the proportions, they are goal getters but they do this with style. They also have their fair share of charm and appeal. They can cheer you up when you're sad but could get pissed off when your crying gets too much.

9. The Sanguine and Choleric
If you've got no trace of bore in you, then this is your combo. It's never a dull moment around these guys. They can be authoritative but they'll make good leaders if they work with the right people.

10. The Melancholic and Phlegmatic
These guys will need to take a bottle of optimism and self confidence every morning before the days work. They live by strong principles and always want things to be done the right way, and perfectly too. To work with these kind of people, you've got to have some of the qualities of the other personalities.

So there you have it, the ten personalities of a human. If you didn't know the kind of person you are, now you do. If you feel I'm wrong about any of the personalities, feel free to leave a comment, correcting me of where I'm wrong. We're all still learning.

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Personalities- The Four Major Temperaments.

We all have personality traits unique to us. By the end of this post, you'll get to know four of the ten human temperaments and the category you belong through identifying your qualities.

A lot of people look at themselves and say, "How I wish I was born differently." I used to fall in this category of self esteem 'crushers'. Do you? It took a lot of self reassuring and examination for me to realize that I can not change who I am, but I can make the best out of it. How?
Psychologists have really done a great job studying the human being in order to know why we act the way we do. The result of their research is what we now know as 'temperaments'. In no particular order, I'll be introducing you to four of the temperaments and you'll get to know what category you belong.

1. The Sanguine
I love these guys because it's never a dull moment around them. Their mere presence seems to brighten things up. Some of their many qualities include: extroverts, optimistic, appealing and cheerful personality, sincere, creative, good sense of humor, sympathetic and have really good memory. If you've got that cheerful smile and attractive personality, this is where you belong.

2. The Choleric
If it's not done their way, then it's not perfect. Some of their qualities include: extroverts, go- getters, optimistic, born leaders, dynamic and active, confident, love productivity, can be violent, strong-willed, efficient in emergencies and goal oriented. It's really easy for people in this category to make enemies.
The Sanguine and Choleric are both extroverts having a lot of other qualities in common. Now let's take a look at the temperaments of the introvert.

3. The Melancholic
These guys see the world from a perspective different from that of the previous temperaments. The Melancholic are introverts, deep thinkers, strict, analytical, principled, sensitive to art or music, perfectionists, faithful and can be pessimistic some times. I'm so sure I fall in this category. If you love analyzing things that sometimes don't need analysis, then you're with me.

4. The Phlegmatic
If you want someone who'll say yes to practically everything you say, then have a Phlegmatic as a friend. They are cool, calm, easy going, patient, kind, introverts, good listeners, sympathetic, peaceful, have a dry sense of humor and always find the easy way out.  

Having one personality doesn't mean that you're glued to it all your life. It's possible to develop qualities in other desired personalities. Developing these qualities gives you a cool personality mix. You can have more than one temperament in different proportions but you can't have all. That would make you a freak. So, whatever qualities you choose to acquire, make sure they're in line with your goals so that you can make the most of them.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Article Writing – 9 Mistakes to Avoid.

There’s more to article writing than what meets the eye. Articles aren’t written just for entertainment but also for information and so they have to be captivating. This can be tough sometimes; especially if your audience is the type that buzzes off if the first few lines don’t look appealing. You'll build your own worldwide audience as you publish articles and multimedia on the topics that you're passionate about. These are just a few things to know before you submit content:

1.    Submitting duplicate content.
Some directories get jealous when they see one of their articles someplace else. These directories still accept content you've already submitted elsewhere, on the condition that you still own the copyright to it and the author name (that is your name is the same).

2.    Meaningless Content
Be informative and succinct. Don’t beat around the bush. Go straight to the point and let your reader know exactly what you are talking about. For most directories, the minimum number of words is 300. If you want your article to have good SEO value, you should have at least 300-400 words in the article.

3.    Grammatical errors.
Your sentences should exhibit correct grammar, structure, spelling, and punctuation.

4.    Weak Article Topics
The topics you give your articles should be powerful, strong and descriptive. One way to achieve this is to put your self in your readers’ shoes.
 Think: What set of keywords would a reader enter to find this content in search engines? An article with a topic such as "The Best Meal to Prepare" might be found in search engines, "Recipes for Chicken Soup" would be more discoverable. Your article header should have a maximum of 60 characters and include one or two keywords..

5.    Information Theft
Cite your sources. Give honor to whom honor is due. When you refer to information from an online or printed source, an in-text citation must immediately precede or follow within the text. An example of citations:
According to Computer Economics, only 1.8 percent of corporate revenues will be used to fund IT expenses this year in North America (U.S. and Canada).
Also, list your sources at the end of your article in the following order:
Author/Artist name
Page Title
Website/blog Title
6.    Irrelevant keywords
Trying to make your article too keyword optimized might just end up rendering it useless. For example, repeating a keyword phrase in a title, too closely together in the article, or using keyword phrases in a manner that creates incomprehensive or illogical reading.

7.    Over-promoting yourself.
While building your personal brand as a writer, try to avoid excessive self or brand promotion when submitting your articles. If your content is mainly advertisement, try to blend it with something informative so that readers don’t click the back button before completely reading your article. Over-linking kind of puts readers off.

8.    Text formatting
Aligning your text to the left is always recommended. The use of bold and italicized words should be used at a minimal level. Underlining should only be used for links.
Excessive and unnecessary capitalization can get really annoying. CAPITALIZED TEXT is considered shouting on the Internet and can really get your head throbbing. Always use your inside voice and use caps when necessary.

9.    Lastly, article directories prefer content with new information on a general topic, or on a more specific aspect of the topic. For example, narrowing down a broad topic like "Mobile applications" to a more specific one like "Creating Applications for your iPad" would be more appropriate. Also, write articles that have a longer shelf life. Writing content on breaking news or sports results would be of no interest to the reader after a day or two.

How to Be Your Own Secret Agent

When I was much younger, I desperately wanted to be an agent. I would watch James Bond movies and the likes and act out almost everything I see. I loved the thrill, excitement and I admired them, simply because of their smooth intelligence and gadgets. But the question that I didn’t seem to have an answer to was, ‘How could they live two extremely different lives and yet still have one right frame of mind.’ Was it that they were master deceivers or they had this behavioral disorder or some dual personality disease? It wasn’t until recently that the answer came to me.

Most of us film lovers already know the profile of a typical secret agent. He enrolls into a military school where he gets trained and bruised till he’s ready to fight for his country. He gets awarded lots of medals for bravery and skill and if he’s good enough, he’s abducted. Smooth and easy. Most of the time before the guy is abducted, he has a family, and he can’t dump one for the other. So what does he do?

It is possible for one man to be seen as a businessman who will stop at nothing to see his business make money for him, a loving father and husband who’ll be awarded for just killing a housefly and a master Casanova carrying in his suit jacket a revolver and a laser pen. How? He simply creates and dishes out different impressions of himself to different people and he definitely knows how to keep his professional and private life separate and secret, breaking all links or bridges.

Now how does all this apply to you? If you run your own business, the way you manage it wouldn’t be exactly the same way you hold your family together. For a ruthless businessman, it’ll be good to create another impression of kindness and humility that others outside your corporate world would have of you. Why? Let’s take this example; due to your business tyranny, you happen to step on a few shoes. In order to get you out of the way, you get framed and thrown into jail. Being that you’ve got friends in high places who know you to be a kind and jovial twit (your other impression), you end up spending just one night in the cell. The next morning, you’re back at your desk, planning how to best deal with your backstabbing associates (you’re back to your other self and your influential friends know nothing about this). What have you to lose?

This technique is not just for businessmen only. You may define this as being deceptive, but hey, it’s up to you to use it. Create secret impressions that you want different people to have of you but a word of caution here; they don’t have to be the opposite sides of the coin. The impressions could be similar, yet different. You never know, they could come in handy when the time comes.

Friday, July 29, 2011

You Can Make Money Writing

If you are the kind of person that writes for pleasure or business, you could also make money writing articles by submitting them to internet article directories like Goarticles and Ezinearticles. Some pay you depending on how much traffic your article generates (that is, the number of people that get to read your articles). One way to make sure your article generates good traffic is to make it keyword optimized.

There are also sites that I would regard as professional sites because of the fact that they pay you, not to do stuff but how you work. That way you develop an internet presence in the professional world. Getting a job as a professional in your field on the internet is similar to getting one here. You’ve got to have a good appearance, experience and an attractive portfolio. You could even build a reputation for yourself depending on how efficient you are.

One professional site is:
With this freelance website, you get to become anything you want to be. Here’s how it works: After signup, the next thing to be done is to complete your personal profile, thereby selecting your area of specialization. It’s got to be attractive and professional so that clients would not think twice before hiring you. Once your profile is complete or almost complete as the case may be, you can then submit a proposal, but to do this you have to pass a simple, short, untimed, easy test. Afterwards, you’re good to go. You could get rich with just this website if you know what you’re doing and if you’re someone that gives quality services. You’ll be given a private workspace with which your clients watch how far you’ve gone with their job. It’s really similar to that of a normal corporate environment. Another freelance site like elance is oDesk, but the screening is kind of tasking.

Look out for my upcoming ebookn "DEVELOPING AN INTERNET PRESENCE" for ways to do what you are already doing on the internet and still earn a living. Check later posts for more ways to make money writing.

How To Get That 'A' In Your Test.

We all write tests at one time or the other. The result of that test is simply a product of how well you prepared, your state of mind during that test and how well you answered the test questions. Below are a few tips to help you come out with that ‘A’.

1. In order to get those scores you desire, you need to have a good comprehension of the material, including memorizing specific facts and formulas. One of the most common ways to remember something is by repetition over time, that is, reading the material repeatedly. To achieve optimal results from this memory technique, schedule periodic reviews of the material. You can review the information on an hourly basis if you have the time. Review the information the next day. Review the information the next week. Review the information a month later.

2. Being aware of your environment or reading in one of your memorable spots really help. You could read that material as you walk through a garden or place, associating each important topic with some location. Then, when in front of the test questions, you could mentally walk through the garden to recall each point. This system is called the loci system. Record what you need to know and walk through a park or down city streets as you listen. When you see an important part that you think should be remembered, stop to look at what's around you. This would work well, especially if you are someone that loves going out.

3. To do the best in your exams, your preparation must be long and healthy. Those include eating healthy foods, committing to take the time necessary to learn the material and getting regular high-quality sleep, but not too much sleep because this could reduce you mental capacity and make your brain lazy, not tired, during the test. You can include supplements in your diet. There are many things you can ingest that may help, but only a few are safe. Fish oil (or just eating fish) speeds up brainwaves and improves concentration as well.

4. Review past test questions. A sample test or previous version of the exam will help you know what kind of questions will be on it, so you can study the right things. Also, ask about the exam. The course lecturer will sometimes tell you where most people have trouble. Double-check answers in that part of the test and recognize questions that come with a twist.

5. Watch you anxiety. You can do this by getting to your test venue early or drinking a bit of coffee or something else that makes you calm. Getting to your venue early will reduce your anxiety and help you get used to the test environment, especially if it’s your first time of being there. Studies have shown that people score higher on written tests after taking a cup of coffee, but be careful. If you are a very nervous person, however, too much caffeine can increase anxiety.

6. Have a pre-test exercise for a few minutes. As little as ten minutes of exercise has been shown to speed up decision making time and accuracy in tests of mental ability. Take exercises that help your cardio system.

In addition to the comprehensions and preparation steps you can take, there are also things you can do during an exam to improve your score. Here are a few examples.
7. Before the test, imagine yourself confidently finishing the test early and without trouble. A bit of positive expectation works for most people, and can't hurt.

8. Take deep breaths. As you start the test, take several deep breaths and let the tension drain from your muscles. This will reduce anxiety and help you concentrate.

9. Concentrate on one question at a time. This reduces feelings of anxiety because you are not anticipating and worrying about the next one. Don't think about the other questions until you get to them.

10. Make notes as soon as you sit, just before the exam starts. Write down any information you might forget. If you "crammed" for the test just before taking it this can be really useful.

11. Read the test instructions just before you start and follow them. There are often penalties for disobeying rules.

12. When you first receive the test, review it and divide your time since most tests are timed. If there’s time, review the test once you’ve finished. In this way you'll know if you are on schedule or if you need to speed up. It’s always better to take on questions you find simple first, leaving the tough ones for last. This can save you a lot of time.

13. Take your time. Never rush or speedily answer your test questions. Why? Because some tricky questions appear easy to those who hurriedly do test but actually require more thinking.

14. If your test is in theory, answer all questions if you can. If you are doing a multiple choice test, there’s always room for guessing because, you never know, you might just be right. Eliminate the options you know are wrong and then joggle the others.

15. Check for unanswered or wrongly answered questions. Do this once you feel you have nothing left to put down.

It’s always better to find what works for you. To help you achieve your test goals faster, shrink that bogus material into something you can carry about with you for quick reference and learn to speed read. With all this said and done, that A will definitely be yours.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things To Do To Develop an Internet Presence.

Its one thing to have something and it’s another thing to know how to use it. Since the time the internet was invented, it’s been a great blessing to the human race. Could it be because of the numerous wonders it seems to perform or just the manner in which it is used? You’ll get to answer that question after reading up to the last word in this ebook. Many of us just know how to use the internet. We don’t know how to actually work with the internet. Many people have built outstanding reputations for themselves, not because of the physical riches they seem to have amassed but simply because of the way they are perceived over the internet. Wealth has been transferred from one person to another through means other than physical. Individuals whom you’ve dreamt to meet all your life can easily be contacted by just making a few simple clicks. These are just a few of the many resources the internet has to offer us in this age. But how can we make use of these resources without knowing where and how to get them.

My  ebook, 'DEVELOPING AN INTERNET PRESENCE',  is simply a brief information resource on the various ways we can use the internet to our advantage. I.m about to launch it and it will be downloaded free.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Hello guest,
It's an honour having you visit my blog, simply because you are very important. I'm sure you know that. Make sure you don't leave this site without taking one of the numerous souvenirs along with you. Well, that's ofcourse if you know what souvenirs await you. Below is a quick guide on how to make use of this blog's resources.
I assure you that by the time you are through with this blog, you'll be RICHER. You'll be richer in values, skills, money,connections, and so on. You'll be informed, educated and enlightened.

To be an affiliate marketer, and a good one at that, you have to first attempt to go into affiliate marketing. Before you can start affiliate marketing, you've got to clear your head of some suspicions.
Most times when people hear the word, "affiliate marketer", what comes to mind is scammer, liar, cheat, etc. If you fall in this category, then I suggest you brainwash your mind of such thoughts.

Affiliate marketing, simply put is partner marketing, linking a group, a company, or an organisation with another one and marketing that link for the purpose of publicity and income.
If you have doubts as to what affiliate marketing is about, view my upcoming quick guide to affiliate marketing.