Monday, May 16, 2011


Hello guest,
It's an honour having you visit my blog, simply because you are very important. I'm sure you know that. Make sure you don't leave this site without taking one of the numerous souvenirs along with you. Well, that's ofcourse if you know what souvenirs await you. Below is a quick guide on how to make use of this blog's resources.
I assure you that by the time you are through with this blog, you'll be RICHER. You'll be richer in values, skills, money,connections, and so on. You'll be informed, educated and enlightened.

To be an affiliate marketer, and a good one at that, you have to first attempt to go into affiliate marketing. Before you can start affiliate marketing, you've got to clear your head of some suspicions.
Most times when people hear the word, "affiliate marketer", what comes to mind is scammer, liar, cheat, etc. If you fall in this category, then I suggest you brainwash your mind of such thoughts.

Affiliate marketing, simply put is partner marketing, linking a group, a company, or an organisation with another one and marketing that link for the purpose of publicity and income.
If you have doubts as to what affiliate marketing is about, view my upcoming quick guide to affiliate marketing.


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