Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Personalities- The Four Major Temperaments.

We all have personality traits unique to us. By the end of this post, you'll get to know four of the ten human temperaments and the category you belong through identifying your qualities.

A lot of people look at themselves and say, "How I wish I was born differently." I used to fall in this category of self esteem 'crushers'. Do you? It took a lot of self reassuring and examination for me to realize that I can not change who I am, but I can make the best out of it. How?
Psychologists have really done a great job studying the human being in order to know why we act the way we do. The result of their research is what we now know as 'temperaments'. In no particular order, I'll be introducing you to four of the temperaments and you'll get to know what category you belong.

1. The Sanguine
I love these guys because it's never a dull moment around them. Their mere presence seems to brighten things up. Some of their many qualities include: extroverts, optimistic, appealing and cheerful personality, sincere, creative, good sense of humor, sympathetic and have really good memory. If you've got that cheerful smile and attractive personality, this is where you belong.

2. The Choleric
If it's not done their way, then it's not perfect. Some of their qualities include: extroverts, go- getters, optimistic, born leaders, dynamic and active, confident, love productivity, can be violent, strong-willed, efficient in emergencies and goal oriented. It's really easy for people in this category to make enemies.
The Sanguine and Choleric are both extroverts having a lot of other qualities in common. Now let's take a look at the temperaments of the introvert.

3. The Melancholic
These guys see the world from a perspective different from that of the previous temperaments. The Melancholic are introverts, deep thinkers, strict, analytical, principled, sensitive to art or music, perfectionists, faithful and can be pessimistic some times. I'm so sure I fall in this category. If you love analyzing things that sometimes don't need analysis, then you're with me.

4. The Phlegmatic
If you want someone who'll say yes to practically everything you say, then have a Phlegmatic as a friend. They are cool, calm, easy going, patient, kind, introverts, good listeners, sympathetic, peaceful, have a dry sense of humor and always find the easy way out.  

Having one personality doesn't mean that you're glued to it all your life. It's possible to develop qualities in other desired personalities. Developing these qualities gives you a cool personality mix. You can have more than one temperament in different proportions but you can't have all. That would make you a freak. So, whatever qualities you choose to acquire, make sure they're in line with your goals so that you can make the most of them.


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